Cyrus A. Pourzan, M.D., H.M.D.

High Sierra Medical combines the best of Eastern and Western medical techniques. A superior doctor keeps you healthy and whenever possible prevents disease. But if you get into trouble, He has over 23 years of experience in the most demanding emergency departments and is prepared to help with your acute medical needs. The focus is on disease prevention and early intervention. Utilizing proven techniques to keep you out of the hospital and avoid unnecessary medications or surgery.

Concierge medical services are available for those who need their doctor to be just a phone call away 24/7. A doctor who can make house calls or meet you at the hospital should that become necessary. The services offered are beyond what most doctors offer and include:

Anti-aging Programs
Alternatives to Chemotherapy
Bacteriophage Therapy
Bio-identical Hormone Replacement
Botox and Juvederm
Food Allergies
Homeopathic Allergy Treatments
Intravenous Vitamin C
Management of CFS/ME
Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
Ozone Therapy
Pain Management
Prolotherapy / Prolozone
Sports Injuries
Treatment of Lyme Disease
Vitamin Infusions
Wound Management


Why have a concierge doctor?

Same day or next day appointments
No sitting in a waiting room
24/7 phone access
Extended visits to fully address your questions
House calls when necessary
Referral to the top specialists and hospitals in the country
Personalized Service
Absolute Privacy


Dr. Pourzan was born in 1953 in Lincoln, Nebraska and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Lakewood High School and John Carroll University. He went on to graduate from the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine. He completed his specialty training in Emergency Medicine at UCLA and studied Medical Acupuncture at UCLA. Relocating his private practice to South Reno after serving the incline Village community for 12 years. He is dedicated to life long learning. He enjoys skiing, cycling, hiking and music. Dr. Pourzan has held a Nevada medical license since 1983 and has served on the Nevada Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners since 2002.

He has no financial ties to hospitals, insurance companies or pharmaceutical companies.