Concierge Medical Services

The advantage of concierge medical care is that the economic pressure of seeing too many patients has been eliminated.  This affords you 24/7 access. When you fall ill,  you can see your healthcare provider the same day or next business day. There are no long waits to be seen when you are sick.

The real benefit is that your physician can be thorough and can spend more time with you. This allows your doctor to become a trusted counselor and healthcare advocate, who truly knows the client.  With a better understanding of your medical history, we can develop a strategy to minimize potential health risks. Preventing disease has been proven to be a much more effective method and a safer way to manage your health.

Your healthcare becomes personalized, private and pro-active. Whether it is a better fit for your lifestyle or you just want an “old fashioned” doctor who has the latest information, an expanded range of skills and can spend more time with you. Concierge medical services are now available to more than just a few privileged people.

Our practice offers conventional medicine, free annual colon cancer screening, herbal therapies, bio-identical hormone replacement, anti-aging programs, Botox, Juvederm, acupuncture, myofascial therapy, prolotherapy, vitamin infusions, homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, auriculotherapy, integrative medicine, high-dose intravenous vitamin C, advanced detoxification programs, allergy testing and treatment. Compare us to the other concierge practices, they cannot match our scope of services.

The annual retainer fee is $2500 per person, $4500 per couple and $500 per child below the age of 21.  A single unnecessary trip to the ER can cost you thousands of dollars.

Concierge Medical Services